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We are a company that provides services to accurately measure the dimensions and areas of residential, commercial and industrial premises, using specialized tools and software that ensure high measurement accuracy.

We are ready to provide our clients with reports detailing areas, volumes, ceiling heights, wall lengths, floor areas and other room parameters. Our measurements can be useful for construction, renovation, remodeling, leasing and selling real estate. Also, measurements of the premises are used when arranging furniture. The cost of measurement depends on the object of measurement.

We work with private clients, business owners, architects, interior designers, construction companies and other interested parties in Moscow and Batumi, when necessary to make room measurements.

Our company guarantees the accuracy and reliability of our measurements to minimize the risks of errors and problems in the future!
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Our company provides residential measurement services using modern equipment and professional tools. Our specialists will make an accurate measurement of the area, height of the ceilings, distance between walls and other parameters necessary for proper design and calculation of the cost of repair. We guarantee high quality of work, accuracy and efficiency of order execution. As a result you will get detailed information about the parameters of the premises, which can be used for the design-project and for choosing the optimal system of heating, air-conditioning and ventilation. Order an measurement from us and get a quality and professional service.
We provide measurement services for commercial premises of any complexity. Our professional specialists will take accurate measurements and make detailed technical documentation. We guarantee a high quality of services and respect for all of the terms. Thanks to our experienced team and the use of modern technology, we can offer our customers the best solutions to optimize the use of commercial premises. Contact us for more information and to have your premises measured. Keep in mind, the correct measurement of the room - the key to successful planning and using the space.
We provide related services such a design project preparation, architectural solutions and more.
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What does the price for the measuring work depend on?

If you plan to repair or remodel a room, measuring is an obligatory step. Measuring work helps to get accurate data about the size and shape of the room, which allows you to correctly plan the project. The cost of metering work depends on many factors, such as the size of the room and the complexity of its configuration. However, the exact price will be known only after measuring the room. Do not forget that high-quality measurements - the key to successful repair!
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